NSW Pay-Per-View Event Schedule Season 6 (2018)
Date Brand Logo Event
7th January All WWE Survivor Series 2016 Logo Survivor Series
28th January RAW WWE TLC 2016 Logo TLC
11th February Smackdown/205 Live
Elimination Chamber 2015 PNG
Elimination Chamber
25th February RAW
MITB 2015
Money In The Bank
29th April RAW/Smackdown Live  WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Logo Great Balls Of Fire
3rd June RAW/Smackdown Live RR 2 Royal Rumble
1st July RAW/Smackdown Live WWE Payback 2016 Logo Payback
29th July RAW/Smackdown Live WWE Battleground 2016 Logo Battleground
19th August RAW/Smackdown Live SummerSlam 2015 Summerslam
16th Sept RAW/Smackdown Live WWE Backlash 2016 logo Backlash
7th Oct RAW/Smackdown Livel
Wrestlemania 33 logo