Season 1

Name Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Ted DiBiase sr Million Dollar dream Released
The Hurricane Eye of the storm Released
Zack Starr Starr kick / Starr splash Left
Oshujax Creeping Death Tag Title x1, Money in the bank Left
Danny Jackpot The Cashout Tag Champion x1 Left
Rom All in Released
Bane Slam Down Hardcore title x1 Released
Sydney Poetic Justice Released
Ted DiBiase JR Dream Crusher NSW Tag Team Champion X1 Lost loser leaves match
Matt Walker Spear US Champion x1

N.W.O had to leave


Edgar The rack Hardcore Champion x1

N.W.O had to leave


Kevin Nash Jackknife Powerbomb Tag Team Champion x1

had to leave NSW

Jey Uso 450 Splash NSW Tag Team Champion x1 Released
Jimmy Uso 450 Splash NSW Tag Team Champion x1 Released
 Big Boss Man  Boss man slam NXT Champion x1

Hardcore Champion x1

Chavo Carter Carter bomb  NXT Tag Champion x1 Released
Alfronzo The waste Released
Hunico Falling Star NXT Tag Champion x1 Released
Adrian Phoenix Codebraker/ PKO European Champion x1 Released
Chuck Taylor Taylor End Released
Dustin Healy

Money in the bank x1

NSW Champion x1

Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock Released
Joe Harry Tip Top Released
The Fallen Fall out US champion X1 Released
Screwface Disfigure Hardcore champion X1 Released
Molly Holly  Axekick Released
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