Season 8

Name From Finishing Move Titles Held Reason for leaving
Bobby Hall Unknown Down the Hall USA Champion x1

SD Money in the bank winner x1 

Hardcore Champion x2

Disco Dan The 70's Released
Dom Local Baseball field

NXT champion x1

NXT TV champion x2

Marcus Cutter

Nirto champion x1

SD Money in the bank x1

Thomas End Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Cataclysm

World Heavyweight Champion x2 

Intercontinental Champion x1 

Carlos Crew NXT Champion x1 Released
Eve Sparks Minneapolis Fallen Justice Womens Tag team champion x1 Released
Kimberly Blight Holland

Womens Tag team champion x1

SD Women money in the bank x1

Jay Mercer Belfast Ireland The Miracle Driver World Heavyweight champion x1

US Champion x1

Intercontinental Champion x1

SD Tag Team Champion x1 

Million Dollar Champion x1

Kassius Ohno Dayton, Ohio Hero's Welcome NSW Tag team champion x1 Released
Destini Diamond The Diamond Mile

NSW Women's champion x3

Divas champion x2

NXT Women's champion x3

Kim Payne Canada The Return

NXT Women's Championship x1

Nitro Women's Championship x1

Nayla Jordan Chicago, il Air Jordan

RAW women's champion x1

RAW Money in the bank S7

Cory Sabin Chicago Wabadooo

World Heavyweight Champion x1

Raw Tag Team Champion X2

US Champion x1

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