Champion history

Champion history

  • As of 11th May 2020
Wrestler: Regin: Event: Notes: Days Held:
Big E Langston 1 Smackdown 2 (May 9th 2013) Defeated Zack Starr, Conner Rhodes and Rom in Fatal 4 way match. 25
Matt Walker 1 Raw 5 (3rd June 2013) Singles match 13
Big E Langston 2 Money in the bank (16th June 2013) Triple threat also with Fandango 43
The Fallen 1 Raw 13 (29th July 2013) Singles match 41
Christian 1 Elimination Chamber (8th September 2013) Singles match 29
Bray Wyatt 1 Survivor Series (7th October 2013) Singles match 7
Daniel Cage 1 RAW 24 (14th October 2013) Singles match 20
Bray Wyatt 2 Wrestlemania (3rd November 2013) Singles Match 93
Christian 2 RAW S2 E8 (24th Feburay 2014) Singles Match (Cashed in case) 41
Bray Wyatt 3 RAW S2 E11 (17th March 2014) Singles Match 13
Big E Langston 3 Survivor Series (30th March 2014) Singles Match 81
Jo Diaz 1 Extreme Rules (20th July 2014) Tables match with Big E & Jason Miller 176
Sean Bretherick 1 RAW S3 E2 (12th January 2015) Singles match 56
MVP 1 RAW S3 E10 (9th March 2015) Singles match 84
Sean Bretherick 2 Raw S3 E23 (1st June 2015) Singles Match 20
Brent Starr 1 Summerslam 2015 (21st June 2015) Singles match 35
MVP 2 Extreme Rules (26th July 2015) Singles match 42
Luke Benward 1 Royal Rumble 2015 (6th September 2015) Singles match 37
MVP 3 RAW S3 E37 (13th October 2015) Singles match 19
Bobby Hall 1 Wrestlemania 3 (1st November 2015 - 27th March 2016) Singles match 147
NSW Season 5 titles reset
Blake 1 Start of season 5 Awarded title 1
Connor Rhoads 1 Nitro S5 E1 (19th April, 2017) Singles match 28
Gilberto 1 Nitro S5 E5 (17th May, 2017) Singles match 257
Lyam Wolf 1 NXT S6 E7 (29th Jan 2018) Awarded title 84
Josh Sniper 1 RAW S6 E13 (23rd April 2018) Singles match 6
Lyam Wolf 2 Great Balls of Fire (29th April 2018) Singles match 35
The Monster Goldman 1 Royal Rumble (3rd June 2018) Singles match 28
Willy Street 1 Payback (1st July 2018) Singles match 28
Jess Oaklund 1 Battleground (29th July 2018) Singles match 4
Oliver Bisping 1 SD S6 E25 (2nd August, 2018) Singles match 17
Corey Sabin 1 Summerslam (19th August, 2018) Singles match 28
Jey Mercer 1 Backlash 2018 (16th September, 2018) Singles match 22
Morgan Wolf 1 Wrestlemania (8th October, 2018) Singles match 8
Title was vacated
Matt Rhoads 1 US title tournament (16th November 2018) title tournament 171
Mike Schaller 1 Royal Rumble (6th May, 2019) Triple threat inc AJ Styles 16
Bobby Lashley 1 RAW S7 E18 (22nd May, 2019) Singles Match 27
Mike Schaller 2 Backlash (17th June, 2019) Singles match 230
Ricochet 1 Survivor Series 2020 (2nd February 2020) Singles match 21
Matt Rhoads 2 Money in the bank (23rd February 2020) Singles matches 78+

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