Raw start
Promotion NSW
Date 3rd July, 2018
Venue Gila River Arena
City Glendale, AZ
Transmission Live
TV-sender Twitch
TV rating 2.9
Event reference
Special event details 1 hr episode
Previous episode RAW S6 E20
Next episode RAW S6 E22

The 3rd July, 2018 Edition of RAW is a Professional wrestling E-FED show of the NSW's RAW brand, which will be RAW Season 6 Episode 21 at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ.


This weeks edition of NSW Raw would kick off straight into the action as New Raw Women's Champion Mexican Kelsey would team up with Selena Sayre to face Bailey and Sasha Banks and it would be Kelsey and Sayre who would win and then the fans would see Nia Jax and debuting Awesome Kharma attack Bailey and Sasha Banks. Many great matches would fill the card that would see Lyam Wolf defeat Fince Peewee, The A.O.P defeat The Elite, Morgan Wolf defeat Adrian Kincade, Oliver Bisping defeat new United States Champion Willy Street, Mohammed Jay Ali ending the winning streak of Cory Sabin and The Monster Goldman defeating Ares God of War. Finally came the main event which would see the new NSW World Champion Justin Sane take on Danny Sixx in non title action and it would be Danny Sixx who would pick up the victory over the champion but he wouldn't get to celebrate for long as he would be attacked by the man he defeated at Payback The Mundo. Watch Raw now to watch a fantastic night of action from the superstars of Raw.


  • Match 8

Justin Sane v Danny Sixx (Winner)

  • Match 7 

      Ares v The Monster Goldman (Winner)

  • Match 6

       Cory Sabin v Mohammed Jay Ali (Winner)

  • Match 5 

      Willy Street v Oliver Bisping (Winner)

  • Match 4

      (Winner) Morgan Wolf v Adrian Kincade

  • Match 3

       (Winners) The A.O.P v The Elite

  • Match 2

       (Winner) Lyam Wolf v Fince Peewee

  • Match 1

       (Winners) Mexican Kelsey & Selena Sayre v Sasha Banks & Bayley

Other on-screen talent

  • Dave Easton
  • Tim Price
  • Big Match John

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Raw start

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